newcastle upon tyne

Nanoblading is considered a much gentler form of semi-permanent makeup when compared to microblading, is less likely to cause trauma on the skin.

This treament delivers natural and long lasting results that will stop you from having to fill and shape your brows for up to two years.

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benefits of nanoblading

perfect for people with minimal natural hair

Does not smudge like makeup

reduces the time needed to get ready

saves money in the long-term

Do you only offer microblading in newcastle upon tyne?

Our microblading and nanoblading consultants work from our salon in jesmond, newcastle upon tyne.

How long does the micro/nano blading appointment last?

The average time an appointment takes is around 1H 30M – 1H 45M. The majority of this time is spent drawing and measuring symetrical brows.

Does microblading/nanoblading hurt?

Before microblading/nanoblading begins we apply a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) to minimise discomfort. We do everything that we can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

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